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Ulendo Airlink

Photography, Print Media, UX Design, Website
About This Project

I remember when Rob got in touch with us whilst boarding a domestic flight.
His enthusiasm was high, and he had good faith  that he had been referred to ‘design guru’ before he had even seen a single page of our work. He was eager to get going, and after some editorial design, and great meeting at the local espresso bar. We soon has the opportunity to update his Ulendo Airlink website. The project meant a fantastic opportunity to travel to Malawi, and get whizzed around a truly diverse slice of Africa.


The Approach
We started off evaluating the current site, and learnt more about their booking engine, their bid to fly setup, as well as tested user journey scenarios. Our solution would cover the ‘BOOK NOW’ essentials, as well as introduce a new ‘INSPIRE ME’ section – featuring the destinations Ulendo Airlink was servicing. Another great addition included the weather widget, with a 5 day forecast to help travelers pack and dress more comfortably for their magical Malawi meanderings. All ‘n all this has truly been one of our best projects to date, combining photography and technology in order to tell a story that would entice more air travel around this best kept secret of Africa.


The Solution