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Travel Designer

Brand Identity
About This Project

Ozzy founder and owner of Travel Designer, has great enthusiasm and energy for what he does. An alternative travel experience co-ordinator, Ozzy gives visitors to Africa an itinerary tailored to their individual traits, one that they will never forget.


The Approach
Ozzy needed a logo, one that would communicate his concept, or at least connect with him personally – since this is exactly how he operates. From spending a fair bit of time with him, we discovered Oz has a real love affair with wood. Yes! Wood. From the eye frames on his face, to his phone cover, his watch, his wallet, his earrings, and even a hand carved wooden ‘bow-tie’ for those special occasions. Let his spirit for travel satisfy your thirst for adventure.


This married with his 8 years in Africa (did I tell you Ozzy is Turkish!) inspired the concept board on the left.


The Solution